Razorbacks Never Yield

University of Arkansas Athletics is supported by a legendary past - one that has allowed our programs to excel and provide our fans with great facilities where they can call the Hogs. But long term, those external structures must be reinforced with an internal infrastructure that allows our student-athletes to achieve their best.

We are committed to raising $70 million by 2020 to support the creation of three critical facilities:

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The Razorback Legacy has Been Shaped by the Past

"Never Yield." Those words are etched in our legendary history.

Consider the countless seasons that culminated in Conference Titles and National Championships, the legendary tenures of coaches like Frank Broyles, John McDonnell and Nolan Richardson and the All-American student-athletes who have taken their Razorback pride far beyond our state.

The applause and accolades continue, with all of our programs competing for championships, propelling us annually into the Top 20 of the Director’s Cup, an annual measurement of overall athletic success.

The cheers still echo. The talent behind every hard-fought victory still hangs in the air.

These achievements define who we are and who we will be. They inspire and move us collectively forward. But there is more to our legacy. Much more.

The Razorback Legacy Lives in the Present

The legend lives on. Today, the University of Arkansas is home to 19 varsity teams. Our talented student-athletes play in the most competitive conference in the country – the Southeastern Conference – constantly striving to achieve winning records, postseason appearances and national recognition in an increasingly competitive environment.

Today, every time the Razorback faithful rise to their feet to call the Hogs, the energy, belief and encouragement of the nation’s most passionate fans drive our teams to reach new heights. Every time the Hogs are called, our legacy is invoked, renewed and brought to life in the efforts of this generation of Razorbacks.

We are known far and wide for our tenacious appetite for winning, our unbridled passion for success and our unwillingness to surrender. But there is still more to our legacy.

Our Razorback Legacy Will be Defined by the Future

The stories of our past combined with the accomplishments of our student-athletes today create a momentum that propels our legacy into the future. That is where our legacy truly lives, forever calling the Hogs and compelling us to Never Yield.

This legacy will live within our student-athletes far beyond their competitive playing days.

Today, Razorback student-athletes compete in the classroom and in life just as they compete for championships on the field. The University continues to raise its benchmarks in graduation rates, grade point averages and the Academic Progress Rate report.

It’s a legacy that depends on you. The future will offer great challenges, but the support we offer our student-athletes today through improved facilities where they can learn and train will set the stage for a future that promises to be even more rewarding.

We invite you to help us define where our story goes next; to keep the leadership and the cheers alive

Ultimately, our future legacy belongs to you.

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A Message from University of Arkansas Athletic Director, Jeff Long

Never Yield

That phrase from our fight song always grabs my attention. It says a lot about the spirit of the University of Arkansas. It’s what we’ve done for generations, and it’s what we will continue to do into the future: We will Never Yield.

Today, we continue to push forward. As a member of the Southeastern Conference, our student-athletes – more than 460 of them – compete against the very best, both on and off the field. Our athletic success is literally built on incredible venues branded with the names of Bogle, Billingsley, Reynolds, Tyson and Walton. Yes, we must Keep on Going to achieve our goals. We will Never Yield to our competition.

Give a Cheer – our future is bright!

Our future depends on Never Yielding. It is time to focus on the needs of the student-athletes currently in our program and those we will recruit in the years to come. Thanks to our passionate and supportive fans, our new 80,000-square-foot Fred W. Smith Football Center is a reality. This incredible new facility is just the latest in a series of improvements needed to advance our vision for the future.

We have set a goal to raise $70 million by 2020. Our vision for the future includes a Student-Athlete Success Center to prepare our young people to achieve their degrees and to be successful leaders in society. It also includes a Basketball Practice Facility which will not only enhance the athletic skill development but also eliminate academic conflicts. For three of our most successful teams, our vision includes a Baseball and Track Indoor Training Facility that will truly be one-of-a-kind in college athletics.

The University of Arkansas’ reputation as a top academic institution continues to grow; the number of students making us their first choice is increasing as we reach record enrollment. We are not only growing in numbers but also in the quality of students. Yes, our University continues to Keep on Going.

To achieve what our passionate fans want us to, we need your support. To provide what our student-athletes require to win, we need your support. To secure our future success, we must Keep on Going; we must Never Yield.

You have answered our calls for support before, and we are calling on you again. Please take a few moments to learn more about our vision. Then join us in our commitment to Never Yield and to make Razorback Athletics the very best it can be.

Go Hogs! Never Yield!

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A Message from Our Initiative Chairman, Stephen Jones

As a former Razorback student-athlete and chemical engineer, I can assure you that success in intercollegiate athletics does not happen without you.

We count on your cheers from the bleachers and gain inspiration from your voices singing the fight song in unison with pride. We count on your support as friends, family members and loyal fans. Because as every elite student-athlete knows, excellence never happens without support.

Today, our student-athletes are counting on us more than ever before.

I remember what it was like to look in the stands to see the faces of those who were there to support me. I also looked to the University of Arkansas to provide me with what I needed to be successful in the classroom, on the field and in my personal development. It was one of the most enriching periods of my life and was instrumental in shaping my future.

Now, as chief operating officer and director of player personnel for the Dallas Cowboys, I continue to witness the impact a network of support has on those on the field. It is critical to player development and competing at the highest level.

We have an opportunity to set the course for Razorback student-athletes for generations to come. We will provide them with the facilities they need to enhance their performance athletically and academically. And we will provide our University the tools it needs to continue to build world-class programs.

I am honored to serve as chairman for the University of Arkansas’ Never Yield fundraising campaign. My alma mater is special to me and I am looking forward to working with others to help chart the future of our program.

Today, the student-athletes are counting on our help. Won’t you join us?

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Our priority with this initiative is to develop student-athletes to their fullest potential through intercollegiate athletics. We believe when we equip our student-athletes with the tools and the environment necessary to achieve academic and athletic success, we produce well-rounded leaders. Dedicating the proper square footage to support weight training and conditioning, practice facilities and academic resources raises the overall experience and sets the stage for long-term success.

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Our student-athletes have always been our top priority at the University of Arkansas. We help build athletes and develop leaders on the field, but just as important is our focus on preparing students for life after college. That’s why we’re committed to providing them with the resources they need to fully develop their skills at every level – academically and athletically.

We've taken a close look at the critical resources we need and addressed those through the Never Yield campaign. We are confident that when we build upon the framework that supports our existing programs, we’ll have the tools we need to teach, to train and to take our Razorback athletes to the next level.

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http://images.mcgpr.us/images/buttons/student-athlete-success-center-over.png http://images.mcgpr.us/images/buttons/basketball-practice-facility-over.png http://images.mcgpr.us/images/buttons/baseball-track-training-facility-over.png

Student-Athlete Success Center

Stepping Into the Future

When a student-athlete walks off the field for a final time at the University of Arkansas, we want to ensure that they are equipped to succeed in whatever new role they will play. Some will move on to compete in professional sports but most will step into a career where they will put the academic degrees they have worked hard to earn to use.

Student academic success is achieved through the support of dedicated faculty and programs that help elevate academic achievement. Our athletic department understands the critical role that academics play in every student-athlete’s life. We are committed to investing in the academic success of our student-athletes and will take that one step further with the addition of a new education-focused facility.

The Student-Athlete Success Center will serve as the new home of the Bogle Academic Center. It will also be home to the department’s career development and student-athlete development programs.

The current Bogle Academic Center, located today in Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium, was constructed when men’s and women’s athletics were separate departments. But demand for its services has outgrown its capacity.

The new center will offer multiple learning environments and an academic support program focused on the development of the entire student-athlete. This includes academic advising, tutoring, character development and financial literacy, assuring a lifetime of excellence and leadership both on and off the field.


To create a comprehensive support program, addressing the academic, nutritional, personal and professional development needs of our more than 460 student-athletes in preparation for graduation


East of John McDonnell Field and north of Pomfret Hall, facing Meadow Street


47,000-58,000 square feet


  • Academic advising
  • Course preparation
  • Leadership training and development (through the Razorback Leadership Academy)
  • Career planning
  • Learning services and tutoring
  • Nutrition-based educational programs
  • Tutorial rooms
  • Group study rooms
  • Quiet study areas
  • Computer lab
  • Math, science and language skills learning laboratories
  • Auditorium/Multi-purpose space
  • Dining hall and full-service kitchen
  • Sports psychology offices


$18-23 million

Basketball Practice Facility

Opening New Doors

Bud Walton Arena is home to both the men’s and women’s basketball teams. Our players have practiced and played in the facility since 1993, and it has served them well. Fans come alive in the “Basketball Palace of Mid-America,” giving our Razorbacks the home-court advantage they’ve needed to send visiting teams home with the sounds of nearly 20,000 screaming fans ringing in their ears.

Bud Walton continues to also serve the University and community with graduations, business meetings and other competitions being held year round within its walls. Overlapping schedules, competition for practice time and external uses can pose a challenge to student-athletes and teams that want to put time in on the court.

That’s one reason why we’re investing in a new basketball practice facility for our basketball Razorbacks. Basketball practice facilities are now standard among Division I-A basketball programs. In fact, the University of Arkansas is the only school in the SEC without a dedicated practice facility, providing challenges logistically and in recruiting top talent.

The addition will help level the playing field between the Razorbacks and our competitors. It will also be a source of pride that fuels the aspiration of every student-athlete who hopes to one day be a part of our program.


To house all operational components for the men’s and women’s basketball teams


South of Leroy Pond Road, between Bogle Park and the Gardens, across from Bud Walton Arena


70,000-85,000 square feet


  • Two full-court gymnasiums
  • Men’s and women's locker rooms
  • Weight rooms
  • Training rooms
  • Associated office areas
  • Coaches Offices
  • Meeting rooms
  • Team lounge


$20-25 million

Baseball and Track Indoor Training Facility

Staying Ahead of the Game

We are extending the proud legacy of our Baseball and Track and Field programs into the future.

To get a glimpse of what that future entails, one has only to look to the past. The Diamond Hogs have a long history of achievements including numerous NCAA tournament appearances and multiple trips to the College World Series. Our track and field teams continue to compete and an incredibly high level, repeatedly winning SEC and National Championships.

One thing is clear: These teams will Never Yield, and they are ready for more. With the new Baseball and Indoor Track Training Facility, our teams will have an even greater advantage relative to the competition. When complete, the new facility will be the only venue of its kind in college athletics, giving the Razorbacks a clear advantage in recruiting and training future student-athletes.

The facility will serve more than 150 student-athletes, giving them year-round access to a premier indoor training complex.


To create a class-leading, conference-first facility that will foster the continued success of the Razorback baseball team and track and field teams


North side of the existing Randal Tyson Track Center


40,000-45,000 square feet


  • Climate controlled
  • Practice infield
  • Throwing area
  • Batting areas
  • Ancillary team spaces
  • Space for all throwing events (currently held at Walker Pavilion)


$7.75-9.625 million

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Winning Programs

From capturing the year's first Southeastern Conference team championship in cross country to our baseball team’s advancement to the College World Series, the 2011-12 athletic year provided Razorback fans with plenty to cheer about in one of the most successful years in the history of Razorback Athletics.

Championships & Top 10 National Finishes 2011-12


  • Houston Regional Champions
  • Waco Super Regional Champions
  • College World Series – T-3rd
  • Final No. 3 National Ranking


  • AT&T Cotton Bowl Champions
  • Final No. 5 National Ranking


  • NCAA Championship – 6th

Men's Cross Country

  • SEC Men's Champions

Women's Cross Country

  • NCAA South Central Regional Champions

Men's Indoor Track and Field

  • SEC Men's Champions
  • NCAA Championship – 2nd

Women's Indoor Track and Field

  • NCAA Championship – 5th

Men's Outdoor Track and Field

  • SEC Men's Champions
  • NCAA Championship – 8th
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